Why Choose Modular

Modular Building Inventory

Modular Construction is a resource-efficient, off-site method to construct code-compliant buildings in a quality-controlled factory setting.

How we work

Check out how our construction process works!


The design phase is as simple as putting pen to paper to create a vision that will become the blueprint to build from. This includes all the details, specifications and standards that will complete the building plan.

The design phase
The engineering phase


Every single building design is reviewed and approved by our engineering department. This process ensures that all our modular buildings meet the same building standards and codes as a site-built structure.

Permits & Approvals

Every necessary construction/building permit required at the national, state and local level is always obtained as required. Safety codes and building standards are always our top priority.

A past project from A Mobile Modular
A photo of a past modular building projects by A Mobile Modular

Site Development

The most recognized advantage that comes with modular construction is that the site preparation and building foundation are happening at the same time as the modular is being constructed in our facility.

Plant Fabrication

Unlike site-built constructed buildings, our modular buildings are created with a welded steel frame. This adds a level of durability and sustainability that wood-framed buildings lack. Additionally, our modulars are constructed in a controlled factory that is not exposed to nature or delayed by weather and labor issues.

Woodward Primary In Production
A past project from A Mobile Modular being transported


Once modulars are constructed and inspected, they are shipped by carriers that specialize in modular building transportation. In compliance with national and state roadway jurisdictions, the shipping limitations are 16’ in width and between 70’ & 90’ in length per module. In cases where the modular exceeds these limitations, the shipment is split on multiple carriers.


Once the foundation is in and all site preparation is complete, delivery will be arranged. All modular buildings are delivered and final assembly is completed at the site.

Beautiful modular complex with slate look siding